Emma L Rooke*

New Age Event Expert.


A creative and tenacious events expert who specialises in transformative, non-conforming and truly unique events. Working alongside brands, businesses and public-facing clients, I connect organisations with their audiences on a whole new experiential and personable level.​

I proudly collaborate with partners across the retail, hospitality, media and corporate sectors in order to produce well-thought-out proposals that focus on clear deliverables. My awareness, creativity and drive suits forward-thinking projects that are looking to achieve the next level of guest interaction.


Events with feeling, events with creativity & events with purpose.

a little about me...

Emma L Rooke*


Hailiing from a little fishing village called Liverpool, I'm an honorary scouser who moved up from London 8 years ago.

I'm attracted to big characters, big personalities and real life go-getters.

        I, myself could be described as a big character. I love to host, I love to put on dinner parties, arrange big nights out and I'm always the one booking the group holidays.

Like all hopeful 30-somethings, I love to travel and have spent some time living in Italy. Rome is my happy place. Romans are my favorite people.

My work and career is hugely important to me. It's where I'm at my best and my proudest lifes moments (& my mums!) have all been forged - around truly amazing events.


+44 7931 265 749

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